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All Workshops are $40 and 2 hours in length

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FULL MASK WORKSHOP with Steve Jarrand 10AM-12PM 

Also called “tragic masks”, full masks can express intense drama as well as wild comedy and on every emotional level. They can put an actor in a state of receptivity towards themselves, other players and the audience. Without the voice to rely on, the body speaks truth and betrays what is hidden.  A fundamental shift in the actor’s perspective is gained when the perspective of the viewer is fully embraced. The full mask player doesn’t need to act anymore but simply to illuminate the ideas in the minds of audience members and enhance the images and emotions latent in the scene. In this workshop, students will train silent narrative, minute sensitivity and the ability to embody the story of the observers. To explore this territory, neutral mask and simple clown techniques will be used to help us begin from, then dwell in a state of innocence and discovery. A powerful grounding for actors and improvisers alike. 


 As improvisers our main tool is our body. Are we aware of all the things our body says with a little movement, with a little tension, with a breath? Are we aware of how music changes our emotional state? Through this workshop you can develop different ways of connecting with your partners, with sound and music — and most importantly — with the audience, all without speaking. 

PHYSICAL IMPRO with Daniel Orrantia 3PM-5PM 

 Through spontaneity games, improv exercises, and specific movement techniques, you will find how to create imaginary objects and spaces. In this workshop, the participants will be trained to allow their body to surprise them, taking them to unexpected places and circumstances, how to interact with imaginary spaces and objects (they can be your best friend but also your worst enemy). 


 TECHNIQUE AND SPIRIT with Shawn Kinley 11AM-1PM 

Master these qualities and you'll never fail to entertain an audience. Having visited hundreds of groups in more than 40 countries over 30 years, Shawn offers information, inspiration, technique and fun for improvisers of every ability. Expect a workshop that reveals your specific qualities and addresses your individual needs.Topics cover a wide range: narrative, character, physical, format development, and 'basics'. 


 Through this 2 hr workshop, Artistic Director of ”Det Andre Teatret” Mats Eldøen, takes you through some of the techniques that constitute ”Det Andre Teatret”´s special blend of theatrical improvisation. We´ll visit puppeteering, story-telling and different narrative structures, with the goal of making stories, scenes and games from stuff we´d normally throw away. Please bring a couple of items to the workshop that you´re not afraid to break.