Off Book The Musical

  A talented improv ensemble from Rapid Fire Theatre only needs one thing to create a full-length, brand new musical from scratch, right before your eyes: a suggestion from the audience. Witness spontaneous songs, choreography and scene work, that will never be the same twice. OFF BOOK was created in 2012 and has had 5 sold-out runs at the Edmonton International Fringe Theatre Festival. Run time 50 min.

 “… a full, dynamic and amusing show from one of the city’s strongest and most consistent theatre companies.” – Vue Weekly 2015

 5 STARS – Edmonton Journal, 2015   

STARRING: Vincent Forcier, Joel Crichton, Erik Mortimer, Joleen Ballendine, Matt Alden and Quinn Contini

Friday August 11th at 9:20 PM $15



LUGARES “ a place with many stories” our friends from PICNIC Improvisacian Teatral in Bogata Colombia, flew all the way here to perform. They invite someone in the audience to describe a special place, his childhood room, the living room of his grandfather’s house, his college dorm – the inspired impros will find stories that will change the way we see the spaces around us.  Run time 50 min.

STARRING: Felipe Ortiz, Daniel Orrantia, and Marisol Correa

Friday August 11th at 8:10 PM $15


Super Scene

A cast of seasoned LOOSE MOOSE impros all fighting for the right to have their exceptionally genius ideas play through to the last scene, creating a full 1 Act improvised play. Run time 50 min.

STARRING: Shawn Kinley, Ali Froggatt, Quinn Contini, and Anyssa Mckee.

Friday August 11th at 7:00 PM $15


Keith Johnstone's THEATRESPORTS

A world-wide cast of impros compete in teams to out impro the others with challenges resulting in plenty of laughs for the audience. Run time 110 min with 15 minute intermission.

Saturday August 12th at 8:10 PM $20


Keith Johnstone's MAESTRO IMPRO

An international cast of professional improvisers all vying to be the last impro standing! Run time 110 min with 15 minute intermission.

Thursday August 10th 7:00 PM $20


Throw Away

Those talented Norwegians are here! Improvisors from Det Andre Teatret perform a show based on what you don’t’ need anymore. That old vase you got from your aunt, the worn out t-shirt your ex forgot, or last week’s newspaper, they’re all going to be thrown away sooner or later. Why not do it at our show and we’ll tell a story about it before we say goodbye and leave it behind. Run time 50 min.

STARRING: Mats Eldoen and Stian Gulli